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Lakselva near Lakselv.jpg
View of the river
Native name Leavdnjajohka
Country Norway
Basin features
Main source Finnmarksvidda
River mouth Lakselv
Basin size 1,539 km2 (594 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 103 km (64 mi)
  • Average rate:
    26.93 m3/s (951 cu ft/s)

Coordinates: 69°59′25″N 24°57′27″E / 69.9904°N 24.9574°E / 69.9904; 24.9574 Lakselva (Northern Sami: Leavdnjajohka; Kven: Lemmijoki) is a river in Finnmark county in northern Norway. It begins in Karasjok Municipality runs north through Porsanger Municipality into the Porsangerfjorden, a fjord off of the Barents Sea. The 103-kilometre (64 mi) long river runs past the village of Lakselv. The European route E06 highway runs along the river for much of its course.[1]


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