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Lakshanpur is a village in the Bhojpur district, Bihar state, India. The village falls under the post office named Jamira and its panchayet's name is also Jamira. Its population is about 4000.

The new Bhojpur district consists of three sub-divisions, viz., Ara Sadar; Jagdishpur and Piro comprising 14 development blocks stretching over an area of 2,37,526 hectares. The entire strip of land between the river Ganges on the north and the main line of Eastern Railway on the south is low laying deposits of silt from the Ganges almost every year and is extremely fertile. This region is considered to be the best wheat-growing area in the state of Bihar.

The district has rivers running almost three sides-North, East, and some part of Southern boundary. The Ganges forms the northern boundary of the district. The low-lying rich alluvial plains in the north-eastern and owe their fertility to the river Ganges. The rivers Chher and Banas fall into the Ganges