Lamb fries

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Platter of lamb fries

Lamb fries are lamb testicles used as food. Historically they were parboiled, cut in half, and seasoned.[1] Lamb testicles are served in a variety of cuisines, including Italian, [2] American[3] Basque,[4] barbecue, Chinese,[5] Caucasian,[6] Armenian, and Turkish.[7] In the United States they are often served breaded and fried.

Lamb fries, often served in a cream gravy, are a traditional dish in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky.[8]

In popular culture[edit]

In the film Funny Farm, the main character, Andy Farmer (Chevy Chase), breaks a local record by eating thirty lamb fries, only to discover what they actually were and spit the thirty-first out in revulsion.

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