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Lammersville Unified School district (LUSD) (formerly known as Lammersville Elementary School District) is a pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade unified school district in Mountain House, California, which serves the area west of Tracy and parts of Alameda County.[1] The district was created when majority of voters in the Lammersville and Mountain House area passed a measure to separate from Tracy Unified School District in a special election on June 8, 2010.[2] It became an independent school district on July 1, 2011.[3]

District office[edit]

The district opened a 7,000-square-foot new district office on 111 S. DeAnza Blvd.[4]


Lammersville Elementary School District started out as one-school school district and was established in 1876. Its biggest growth started in 2005 when the Mountain House community was established. Lammersville Joint Unified School District has plans for 12 K-8 schools and one comprehensive high school, with up to 10,000 total students. The district currently serves 5,955 students in the seven K-8 schools (Altamont, Bethany, Cordes, Hansen, Lammersville, Questa and Wicklund) and Mountain House High School.


  • Altamont Elementary School, Mountain House
  • Bethany Elementary School, Mountain House
  • Julius Cordes Elementary School, Mountain House
  • Lammersville Elementary School, Oakley
  • Mountain House High School, Mountain House
  • Peter Hansen Elementary School, Mountain House
  • Sebastian Questa Elementary School, Mountain House
  • Wicklund Elementary School, Mountain House


Lammersville School District


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