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Lance Zierlein is a sports talk show host on KMBE 790 AM in Houston, Texas. He formerly hosted sports talk shows on KILT 610 and KGOW 1560 AM in Houston, Texas.


He graduated from Lamar Consolidated High School in 1988. Following high school he attended Tulane University. After college, Lance created "Pigskin Sports" which was a sports analysis company and began to appear on radio stations around the country including in markets such as Houston, Baton Rouge and Miami. Lance was also a weekly football expert for the weekend show on Prime Sports Radio. He began his career working at 610 KILT on a weekend show called "Fast Break with Nate" along with his partner Nate Griffin. Shortly thereafter, he joined John Granato in 1997 to create "The Bench" which was the top-rated sports talk show in Houston for the better part of a decade. After a falling out with management[1] along with his co-host John Granato the two created a new station KGOW. In 2008 the morning drive time pair was voted "Best Talk Radio" by the Houston Press.[2]

Lance is well known in both the Houston market and nationally for his fantasy football knowledge.[3] Lance is also a former blogger for the Houston Chronicle and runs a football site called The Sideline View[4]

Lance began his role as NFL draft analyst and content provider for in November 2015 and continues in that role today. He is responsible for writing the strength and weaknesses for over 500 draft profiles each season and is one of the lead analysts on the NFL Now mobile platform during combine and NFL draft broadcasts.

Personal life[edit]

Lance is married. [5] He has five children – Drake, Alec, Mason, Sebastian and Marianna. His son Sebastian is nicknamed "Snax" and has appeared in various viral videos and in radio content. Lance's father has coached college and professional football for over 38 years and is currently on the staff of the Arizona Cardinals.

Radio personalities and impressions[edit]

Lance is known for creation of various characters present in the 790 AM shows as well as a series of imitations during his time on radio, namely:

  • SEC Guy, Dr. Karol Kenton Kogslotter
  • Communist News Network Spokesperson
  • Tony "The Hatchet Man" Valentine
  • Bernie "The Wolf" Wolfson
  • Texan Karen

Lance also performs impressions of sports personalities. Examples include:


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