Lancelot II of Ursel

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Lancelot II of Ursel
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Lord Mayor of Antwerpen
Personal details
Spouse(s)Adriana Rockox

Ladislaus / Lanseloet', sometimes Lanschot van Ursele or Lancelot II of Ursel (1499-1573),[1] Knight , was Mayor of Antwerpen.[2]


His ancestors were all members of political dynasties in Antwerpen, his father John III of Ursel was Schepen of Antwerpen. Lancelot married 3 times: first in 1520 to Barbe de Liere d'Immersele, and 3rd on 7th May 1543 to Adriana Rockox, who died in 1558.

He was the brother in law of John III van de Werve, Lord of Hovorst, Schepen of Antwerpen, married to Clara Rockox. His sister Mary was married to Martin, son of Gerald van de Werve, 5th Lord of Hovorst.

He died without male heirs, however his grandson Conrad III Schetz was adopted and took the name of Ursel. Amongst his descendants we find the future Dukes of Ursel.


First Marriage:

Third Marriage:

  • Barbe of Ursel, adopted the son of her sister, Conrad III.


Ursel was 13 times Lord Mayor of Antwerpen. He was in office in the years 1532, 1533, 1534, 1538, 1539, 1542, 1544, 1545, 1547, 1548, 1563, 1565 and 1570. He was a protector of Ioannes Servilius. During his office he installed Hendrik de Moy as secretary of the City of Antwerp.

In 1533 Lancelot of Ursel played a major part in the salvation of the Cathedral of Antwerp during the great fire.[3] People believe that thanks to his active help and coordination, the cathedral was saved form total ruin. Unfortunately 57 altars could not be saved and went up in flames. Lancelot has serious injuries but survived the ordeal, confirms Francesco Guicciardini in his letters.[4]



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