Land of the Rising Sun (role-playing game)

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Land of the Rising Sun is a role-playing game published by Fantasy Games Unlimited in 1980.


Land of the Rising Sun is a samurai system set in feudal Japan.[1] The game is a class-and-level system descended from Chivalry & Sorcery, but even more complex, with rules covering honor, martial arts, aerial and water combat, the astral plane, spirits, demons, and ninjas.[1]

Land of the Rising Sun was a Japanese RPG which used the Chivalry & Sorcery system.[2]:74

Publication history[edit]

Land of the Rising Sun was designed by Lee Gold and published by Fantasy Games Unlimited in 1980 as a boxed set with a 152-page book and five cardstock reference sheets.[1]


Forrest Johnson reviewed Land of the Rising Sun in The Space Gamer No. 36.[3] Johnson commented that "LOTRS is a beautiful treasure in an unopenable package. Recommended to zealots, and as a source-book to D&D."[3]

Eric Goldberg reviewed Land of the Rising Sun in Ares Magazine #7 and commented that "Land of the Rising Sun is an estimable addition to a FRP aficionado's library. Aside from being well-explained, it is necessary for those who want to fully understand C&S. The care with which Japanese myth has been reproduced is simply amazing."[4]

Lawrence Schick stated that the game is: "Difficult to play, but the sections describing the society, culture, and legendry of medieval Japan are quite detailed."[1]



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