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Origin New Jersey, United States
Genres Pop punk
Years active 19972001
Labels Red Leader Records
All About Records
Too Hep Records
Associated acts Day at the Fair
The Forever Endeavor
The Gaslight Anthem
Past members Chris Barker
Mike Doyle
Casey Lee Morgan
Sean Smith

Lanemeyer was a pop punk band from northern New Jersey, United States.

Lanemeyer was formed in 1997. Taking their name from John Cusack's character (Lane Meyer) in the film Better Off Dead..., Lanemeyer were known for their humor and love of comedy. They broke up in 2001 after touring with bands such as The Lawrence Arms, Bigwig, River City High, Whippersnapper, and many more. After the breakup, several members continued to perform with other bands, such as The Forever Endeavor, The Gaslight Anthem, and Day at the Fair (Rushmore Records). Lanemeyer has reunited several times to play single shows, with varying member lineups.


  • Chris Barker (vocals/guitar)
  • Mike Doyle (vocals/bass)
  • Sean Smith (drums)
  • Rob Heiner (guitar)
  • Alan Rappaport (vocals/guitar)
  • David Patino (drums)
  • Andrew Bowman Spratt (guitar)
  • Casey Lee Morgan (guitar)
  • Brian Fallon (vocals/guitar)


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