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Lang may refer to:



  • S-Lang, a programming language created in 1992
  • LANG, environment variable in POSIX standard that sets multiple locale parameters
  • The LANG attribute in HTML, for identifying the language of content

Other uses[edit]

  • "Langue", Ferdinand de Saussure's linguistic term for "competency" or "I-language" (both Chomsky), referring to a cognitive "language" as distinct from surface forms—natural spoken language
  • Lang, variety of the jujube tree, whose fruits have a thicker skin compared to the fruits of other varieties
  • Lang Film, a film and TV production company in Freienstein, Switzerland
  • Lang Law, the informal name given to French law relating to book prices
  • Lang Propellers, British company specializing in aircraft propellers
  • Lang School, U.S. private school for gifted students, New York City
  • Lang Syne Plantation, U.S. plantation near St. Matthews, Calhoun County, South Carolina
  • Lang Van, a Vietnamese production company in Westminster, CA and Ho Chi Minh City
  • Battle of Lang Vei, Vietnam War

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