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Lapid is located in Central Israel
Coordinates: 31°54′59.39″N 35°1′59.15″E / 31.9164972°N 35.0330972°E / 31.9164972; 35.0330972Coordinates: 31°54′59.39″N 35°1′59.15″E / 31.9164972°N 35.0330972°E / 31.9164972; 35.0330972
District Central
Council Hevel Modi'in
Founded 1996
Population (2017)[1] 2,485

Lapid (Hebrew: לַפִּיד‬, lit. Torch) is an Israeli community settlement. Located in the Latrun Salient of the Green Line near Modi'in, it falls under the jurisdiction of Hevel Modi'in Regional Council. In 2017 it had a population of 2,485.[1]


Lapid was established in 1996. According to Btselem, it was built on a strip of land designated no man's land inside the Green Line. Before the Six-Day War in 1967, this territory did not belong to either Jordan or Israel.[2]

According to ARIJ, Israel confiscated 441 dunam of land from the Palestinian village of Saffa after 1967 for the construction of Lapid.[3]


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