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Laramie cigarette tubes package

Laramie was a brand of cigarettes extant in the United States from the 1930s into the 1950s. Later, the name was used for a cigarette rolling kit. Laramie is currently a brand name for cigarette papers[1] and cigarette tubes (rolling papers pre-formed into a tube, for use in home tobacco injector systems) marketed by HBI International.

In popular culture[edit]

Laramie cigarettes are a popular fictional brand on The Simpsons, in reality they have been out of production since the 1950s. The red and white triangular packaging is meant to be a parody of the real-life Marlboro cigarettes. In the show they sponsor a child beauty pageant and have a corporate mascot named Menthol Moose (a parody of Joe Camel) who can be seen at parades in Springfield.[2][3]

Advertisements for Laramie cigarettes are shown as part of a tobacco lawsuit in The Practice (season one, episode four).

Laramie cigarettes also make an appearance in the computer game System Shock 2.[citation needed]

In the 23rd episode of the 2nd season of The X-Files, Laramie Tobacco is mentioned as a missing person's former workplace.

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