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Larry Dvoskin is an American musician, songwriter, arranger, producer, professor and entrepreneur. He is best known in the industry as the songwriting partner of The Beach Boys' Al Jardine.[1] The founder of Do What You Love Media, Miracle Music Inc and Cool Guy Music Inc.


Dvoskin has worked with artists including Robert Plant, Sammy Hagar, Sean Lennon, Bad Company, Robin Zander of Cheap Trick, Joe Lynn Turner, Meredith Brooks, Uli Jon Roth, Zeno, Desmond Child, the Muppets, Annabella Lwin, Paul O’Neill with the Transiberian Orchestra, Beach Boys co-founder Al Jardine, MGMT, and Neal Schon of Journey.[2][3][4][1]

In addition to working with other musicians, Dvoskin also released his single "Life is Strange" which was a Top-20 hit in 2020.


Year Artist/Album/Single Label Details
1977 "Electric God" (Broadway play about Jimi Hendrix) Stormy Forest Musician
1978 Fandango "Last Kiss" RCA Records Keyboards, Co-Writer [5]
1979 Fandango "One Night Stand" RCA Records Keyboards, Co-Writer[5]
1979 Sandy Farina MCA Records Telephone (single), Co-Writer


1980 Fandango "Cadillac" RCA Records Keyboards[5]
1985 "Uli Jon Roth of The Scorpions, Beyond the Astral Skies " EMI Records Musician, Keyboards, Vocals.
1985 Freddie Mercury, Brian May & friends- EMI Tour Gala EMI Records Musician, keyboards
1986 Zeno (debut album) EMI Records Musician, Keyboards, Vocals.
1986 Savatage “Fight for The Rock" Atlantic Records Musician, Keyboards
1989 The Muppets- Jim Henson Jim Henson Company Co-writer of "Neptune's Heptune"
1990 Trouble Tribe (Debut album) Chrysalis Records Co-writer- "Angel with a Devil's Kiss"
1990 Robert Plant Atlantic Records Co-writer "Fire Like The Thunder" with Robert Plant, Phil Johnstone.
1990-1992 Famous Music Paramount/Gulf & Western Exclusive songwriter/publishing deal.
1991 Glass Tiger “Simple Mission” Capitol Records Co-writer- "Animal Heart, Blinded" 4x Platinum certification (Canadian Music Recording Association) CMRRA
1991 Bad Company (single) “Walk Through Fire” Atco/Atlantic Records Additional Production & remixing. Certified 2x Platinum in USA by the RIAA.
1991 Robin Zander Epic Records Co-writer "I Can't Go On,"Radio Lover" "House of Love"
1992 Bad Company “Here Comes Trouble” Atco/Atlantic Records Co-writer "My Only One"
1992 Deborah Blando “A Different Story” Epic Records Co-writer "Innocence" #1 hit in Brazil.
1993 Annabella L’win (single) Sony Records Co-writer of "Car Sex"
1993-1995 Warner- Chappell Music Warner Music Group Exclusive songwriter/publishing deal.
1995 "4PM (For Positive Music)" London/Polygram Records Co-writer of "Naturally"
1977- 1992 Richie Havens Stormy Forest Live Musician
1997-1998 Meredith Brooks “Blurring the Edges” (album & single) Capitol Records Co-writer "Stop" (single), "Somedays," "Wash my Hands." Album certified multi-platinum by the RIAA. Best new artist Grammy nomination.
1998 "Lilith Fair" (album) Various artists Arista Records Co-writer "Wash my Hands" Certified 2x platinum in USA by the RIAA.
1999 Sammy Hagar “Red Voodoo” MCA Records Co-writer "The Love" "Returning of The Wish"
1999 Larry D."Beside Me" (debut album) The Orchard Records Songwriter, musician, artist, producer.
1999 Meredith Brooks “Deconstruction” Capitol Records Co-writer "Cosmic Woo-Woo"
2000 Sammy Hagar "Ten 13" Album MCA Records Co-writer "Deeper Kinda Love"[5]
2001 Kim Sozzi “Feelin’ Me” (single) Edel/Sony Records Co-writer. Nominated for "Best Dance Song"Grammy
2002 David Charvet Mercury/Universal Records France Co-writer "All I Want." Certified gold album in France
2002 David Bowie (Let's Dance- redo) "Larry Dvoskin - Unreleased" Executive Producer, remixer
2003 Glass Tiger “No Turning Back” Greatest Hits package Capitol Records Co-writer Animal Heart, Blinded.
2005 "The Heights (Film Soundtrack)" Merchant Ivory/Sony Films Tommy Boy Records Producer, co-writer "Dreaming" (single)
2006 Sunstorm (Deep Purple vocalist Joe Lynn Turner) Frontier Records Co-writer "Love's Gone"
2010 "We Are the World 25 for Haiti"(Various artists) Columbia Records Musician, chorus vocalist.
2009-2010 Life is Strange” Larry Dvoskin solo album Cool Guy Records/Tunecore Co-writer, musician, artist, producer[7]
2011 Simon Kirke "Filling The Void" solo album (Bad Company) Megaforce Records Co-writer, musician, producer "I Want You Back"[5]
2012 Al Jardine “Postcard from California” Robo/Universal Records Co-writer, producer, musician on "Waves of Love." Co-producer of Alec Baldwin narration of "Tidepool Interlude."[7]
2014 Sammy Hagar & Vic Johnson Lite Roast (acoustic album) Mailboat Records Co-writer of "The Love" "Deeper Kinda Love" [7]
2015 "Imagine- Every Voice Counts" Al Jardine & Friends Unicef/UN Producer, musician, singer with The Beach Boys co-founder Al Jardine on "Imagine- Every Voice Counts." Oct 9th, 2015- John Lennon's 75th birthday in Central Park.
2020 Larry Dvoskin “Life is Strange” (single & video) Cool Guy Records Co-writer, producer, artist, musician.[7]
2021 California Music “Add Some Music” charity album by members of The Beach Boys. Omnivore Records Co-writer, producer, musician, vocals on "Jenny Clover"[7]
2021 Al Jardine "Waves of Love 2.0" and "Jenny Clover" (CD single) Miracle Music Inc. Co-writer, producer, musician, record label.
2022 David Bowie (Let's Dance- redo) "Larry Dvoskin - Unreleased" Producer, musician, vocalist, mixer.


Dvoskin has worked as a program instructor for New York University’s High School Academy Songwriting Camp.[8]

We Are The World 25 for Haiti


As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dvoskin and Al Jardine teamed up on “Waves of Love 2.0” and “Jenny Clover” in benefit to the World Central Kitchen which provides food to doctors, nurses and other essential front-line workers.[9]

In 2010, Dvoskin performed on a charity single We Are the World 25 for Haiti as part of an initiative to help benefit the people of Hait in the aftermath of the country's most severe earthquake in over 200 years.


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