Las Toninas

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Las Toninas
Las Toninas Maze
Las Toninas Maze
Coordinates: 36°29′S 56°42′W / 36.483°S 56.700°W / -36.483; -56.700Coordinates: 36°29′S 56°42′W / 36.483°S 56.700°W / -36.483; -56.700
Country  Argentina
Province Buenos Aires province flag.png Buenos Aires
Partido La Costa
Elevation 17 m (56 ft)
Population (2001 census [INDEC])
 • Total 3,550
CPA Base B 7106
Area code(s) +54 2246

Las Toninas is a town in La Costa Partido of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Founded in 1960, Las Toninas was christened in honor of the Commerson's dolphin (known locally as a tonina). The shore had been the site of a shipwreck in 1883 of a commercial vessel registered in the British Empire, whose captain settled nearby and established the Estancia Los Ingleses.[1]

The shore at Las Toninas is distinguishable from its sister communities' by the extensive growth of tamarix bushes. These were used to create a hedge maze as a tourist attraction, and the 6,400 m² (16,000 ft²) maze is touted locally as the nation's largest.[2]

Las Toninas is also known as the "Fiber Optical Capital" in Argentina[citation needed]; because it is the single point where submarine optical fiber networks reach Argentina via several landing cable stations, by companies such as Level 3 (with its SAC ring), TIWS (Atlantis 2), Telecom-Antel (Bicentenario cable system), and Telefónica (SAM 1). The town was chosen because its coastline was not as rocky as others in the region.[3]

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