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Limited Liability Company
Industry Healthcare
Founded St. Louis, Missouri
Headquarters St. Louis, Missouri
United States
Area served
Products Patient identification, emergency response tags
Website LaserBand

LaserBand LLC was a provider of patient identification products to hospitals and emergency services and headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Zebra Technologies acquired LaserBand in 2012.[1] Prior to the acquisition, LaserBand reported sales of $24 million.[2]


Sanjay Jain founded LaserBand in 1999. The company initially patented a self-laminating, laser-printable patient wristband and later developed other laser and thermal wristbands and ancillary products, including emergency response tags.[3]

LaserBand was awarded contracts and established partnerships with several healthcare industry companies and organizations including, but not limited to:

  • Cambio[4] (2005)
  • National Health Service of the United Kingdom[5] (2008)
  • HealthTrust Purchasing Group[6] (2009)
  • Novation[7] (2011)
  • Access[8] (2011)

As of 2012, LaserBand products were used more than 200 million times per year by hospitals around the world.[9]


In July 2012, Zebra Technologies acquired LaserBand LLC for an undisclosed amount. Effective at the close of the acquisition, LaserBand’s operations became a subsidiary of Zebra.[10]

With the acquisition, Zebra widened its product and patent portfolio, particularly in the healthcare market.[11] Zebra continues to market products acquired through LaserBand with the LaserBand brand name.