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The Lasi are a tribal group of Balochistan, Pakistan. They form 3.5% of the total population of the province (as of 1961),[1] and are the predominant group in the lowlands of Lasbela District.[2] They occupy a low social position and have traditionally been engaged as agricultural labourers on land owned by the Jhalawan Brahuis of the neighbouring mountains.[3][1] They speak the Lasi dialect of Sindhi.[4] Although social stratification is found in individual tribes, there is no social hierarchy or rigid tribal structre.[2] The Lasi include the following tribes: Abra, Angaria, Burra, Dambi, Gidri, Gunga, Gwaranjo, Jamot, Kundola, Mandra, Mangia, Maswhani, Masuni, Mushani, Runjha, Samot, Shahok, Sheikh, Sithar and Zuar.[2]


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