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Lasse Dahlquist

Lars Erik ("Lasse") Dahlquist (born 14 September 1910 in Örgryte (grew also up in Lidingö), died 14 October 1979 on Brännö, Gothenburg archipelago due to laryngeal cancer) was a Swedish composer, singer and actor. He was married to Inez Margareta Dahlquist, née Lindquist (1911–2004) from 1936 and they had a son; the saxophonist Robert "Bob" Dahlquist (2 September 1938–6 September 2005). On Saltholmen, at the terminal of the boats of Styrsjöbolaget, there is a place called Lasse Dahlquists Plats.

When he was a child, during the summers he was at his grandfather's farm Langegården on Brännö where he built his own home. He worked at Sven-Olof Sandberg's music publishment Svenska Noter and 1931 he bagan recording gramophone records. In 1977 he received the Evert Taube award.

Selected filmography[edit]

Film music (selected)[edit]

  • Örnungar (1944)
  • Västkustens hjältar (1940)
  • Vi på Solgläntan (1939)
  • Sjöcharmörer (1939)
  • Vi trumpetare (1938)

Famous songs written by Lasse Dahlquist[edit]