Last of the Summer Wine (series 16)

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Last of the Summer Wine Series 16
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 9
Original network BBC1
Original release 1 January – 26 February 1995
Season chronology
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The Last of the Summer Wines sixteenth series aired on BBC1. All of the episodes were written by Roy Clarke and produced and directed by Alan J. W. Bell.


The trio in this series consisted of:

Actor Role
Bill Owen Compo
Peter Sallis Clegg
Brian Wilde Foggy

List of episodes[edit]

New Year Special (1995)

Title Airdate Description Notes
The Man Who Nearly Knew Pavarotti 1 January 1995 After Wesley almost runs over Billy Ingleton. Foggy gets to prove his talents as a concert promoter.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Norman Wisdom as a recurring guest star where he plays Billy Ingleton.
  • Filming took place at one of the locks of the Huddersfield Broad Canal

Regular series

Title Airdate Description Notes
The Glory Hole 8 January While out in the hills one day, Foggy sees a hole in the road that reminds him of a World War II slit trench. Compo swaps his portable air raid siren for a flag pole from Auntie Wainwright.
  • From this point onward, (until the end), the concluding theme tune and credits are shorter.
Adopted by a Stray 15 January The trio meet Mr Broadbent, who is giving up everything to find the wilderness. He gives the trio his van, but they don't expect Mrs Broadbent to come with it.
The Defeat of the Stoneworm 22 January Howard says he has stoneworm in his cellar, so the trio try to convince everyone that stoneworm are real.
Once in a Moonlit Junkyard 29 January Compo has a visit from a mysterious motorcyclist and eventually realises it could be Babs, one of his old girlfriends.
The Space Ace 5 February Stanley Pocklington is training to be an astronaut, but when he gets drunk, Foggy devises a whole training programme for him.
The Most Powerful Eyeballs in West Yorkshire 12 February The trio have a go at hypnotherapy to help Howard take control over Pearl, but Foggy ends up hypnotising himself.
  • The concluding theme tune is played by brass band at marching pace consistent with Foggy's adopted military step.
The Dewhursts of Ogleby Hall 19 February Foggy believes he could be related to the Dewhursts of Ogleby Hall. Compo buys Nora Batty a hat.
The Sweet Smell of Excess 26 February Compo uses his bed as a trampoline to get up to Nora Batty's window, but ends up getting stuck in the bed springs. On his release, he falls down a manhole and the trio then have to find a way to get rid of the resulting smell.

DVD release[edit]

The box set for series sixteen was released by Universal Playback in December 2010, mislabelled as a box set for series 17 & 18.

The Complete Series 17 & 18
Set Details[1]
  • 20 episodes
  • 4-disc set
  • Language: English
Release Date
Region 2
27 December 2010


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