Last of the Summer Wine (series 17)

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Last of the Summer Wine Series 17
Country of origin UK
No. of episodes 11
Original network BBC1
Original release 3 September – 25 December 1995
Season chronology
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Last of the Summer Wine's seventeenth series aired on BBC1. All of the episodes were written by Roy Clarke and produced and directed by Alan J. W. Bell.


The trio in this series consisted of:

Actor Role
Bill Owen Compo
Peter Sallis Clegg
Brian Wilde Foggy

List of episodes[edit]

Regular series

Title Airdate Description Notes
Leaving Home Forever or Till Teatime 3 September This time it's for real: Howard's had enough of Pearl and decides to leave home forever.
  • This episode on some repeat broadcastings has the 1997 BBC corporate logo at the end.
  • This is the first appearance of the later white opening and closing credits, though they do not appear consistently through this series.
Bicycle Bonanza 10 September The trio hire some bicycles from Auntie Wainwright and have an "off-road" ride through the hills. Meanwhile Smiler risks his life to give out flyers advertising Auntie Wainwright's new "Bonanza Bicycle Sale"
  • Cameo Appearance of Lois Laurel (Daughter of Stan Laurel)
The Glamour of the Uniform 17 September When Marina's affections turn to a traffic policeman, and boyhood bully, Foggy takes Howard under his wing to help him win her back.
  • This episode on some repeat broadcastings has the 1997 BBC corporate logo at the end.
The First Human Being to Ride a Hill 24 September Pearl has confiscated Howard's bicycle, so Wesley builds him a new "secret" one.
  • This episode on some repeat broadcastings has the 1997 BBC corporate logo at the end. It also features the later white opening and closing credits.
Captain Clutterbuck's Treasure 1 October The trio meet Lieutenant Commander Willoughby who tells them all about the famous Yorkshire pirate, Captain Clutterbuck. The trio then buy a map from Willoughby so they can find the captain's treasure.
  • Guest appearance by Ron Moody. Reversion to the yellow filmic-style credits
Desperate for a Duffield 8 October Compo tries to find one of his old girlfriends, Audrey Duffield (née Mottershaw) but after hearing she moved to Canada, he decides to stay with Nora Batty.
The Suit That Turned Left 15 October The trio meet a man who wants to find the centre of magnetism in Yorkshire.
Beware of the Elbow 22 October The trio meet a man who wants to show the world that he likes fat people & obesity and that he is dead against slimming and weight loss.
  • Guest appearance of Norman Rossington.
  • Filming took place along a Disused Railway line, for the Level Crossing Scene, (though subject to a strict safety arrangement, as explained at the end of the closing credits).
The Thing in Wesley's Shed 29 October Just what is the secret invention that Wesley has built? The trio try to find out.
Brushes at Dawn 5 November Compo is shocked to find Nora Batty in a cupboard with another man, and so he challenges him to a duel.

Christmas Special (1995)

Title Airdate Description Notes
A Leg up for Christmas 25 December It's Christmas 1995, and while trying to get himself fit for Christmas, Howard ends up with a broken leg and can't leave the house. The trio then come up with a plan to help him spend time with Marina over the Christmas period.

DVD release[edit]

The box set for series seventeen was released by Universal Playback in December 2010, mislabelled as a box set for series 17 & 18.

The Complete Series 17 & 18
Set Details[1]
  • 20 episodes
  • 4-disc set
  • Language: English
Release Date
Region 2
27 December 2010


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