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Late Shift
Developer(s)CtrlMovie Ltd
Publisher(s)CtrlMovie Ltd and Wales Interactive
Director(s)Tobias Weber
Producer(s)Baptiste Planche and Kurban Kassam
Writer(s)Michael R. Johnson
Composer(s)Cyril Boehler
ReleaseMarch 2016
Genre(s)Adventure, Interactive movie
Mode(s)Single-player and Multi-player

Late Shift is an interactive film and full motion video adventure video game written and directed by Tobias Weber. The participative film technology behind the title was developed by CtrlMovie Ltd. The title was screened at many international film festivals, including The New York Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival, and the Festival du nouveau cinéma.

The film was released in movie theatres in England, Switzerland, Russia, Germany, Belgium, and Czech Republic. Digitally it was published by CtrlMovie and British game developer WalesInteractive. It was released on the Nintendo Switch in April 2018.[1]


Late Shift is presented as a movie with live-action cutscenes. During the movie, the player is able to make choices; but the game doesn't pause during the choices, so they must be made in real-time. There are no puzzles in the game; all user interaction is done via choices to influence the events of the game and lead to different endings.


The playable character and main protagonist is Matt, a college student who works as a parking lot attendant. One night, Matt finds himself embroiled in London's criminal underworld when he is forced to work with a group of armed robbers. He ends up befriending, possibly romantically, one of the members of the group; a young woman named May-Ling. The player's choices influence the events of the game and can lead to a variety of different endings resulting in different fates for Matt and May-Ling.


Late Shift was very well received by both the public and critics. The Sunday Times named it "the most important film of the year[2]", The Guardian called it "a digital experience to look out for[3]". The film won many awards, including a BAFTA Cymru Award[4] (Best Game), "Best Mobile/Tablet" and "Most Creative and Original" at Game Connection Development Awards[5] and "Best Narrative" at BIG Festival Brazil.[6] Further it was nominated for an IMG Award,[7] for "Visual Design" and "Action and Adventure Game" at The Independent Game Developers' Association Awards 2017,[8] and for "Writing or Narrative Design" and "Gameplay Innovation" at the 2018 Develop Awards.[9]

On iTunes Late Shift earned an average 4.9 out of 5 stars, on Metacritic it has a 79 score.[10] The game was downloaded more than 200'000 times and walkthrough videos have more than 22m views on YouTube.

Apart from the majority of positive reactions there were also a few critical voices. Vice deemed it an "intriguing failure".[11] Eurogamer noted the game's continuity errors.[12]


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