Latina Nuclear Power Plant

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Latina Nuclear Power Plant

Latina Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant at Latina, Lazio, Italy. Consisting of one 153 MWe Magnox reactor, it operated from 1963 until 1987.

Construction started in 1958. The first criticality occurred in December 1962, and the first connection to the distribution grid in May 1963. Commercial operation took place starting from January 1964.[1]

The plant was originally rated at 210 MWe, but the danger of significant oxidation of mild steel components by the high temperature carbon dioxide coolant required (in 1969) a reduction in operating temperature from 390 to 360 °C, which reduced power by 24%, down to 160 MWe.

In 1985 its licence was renewed to operate until at least 1992 but after the Chernobyl disaster it was shut down early in 1987. Phase 1 decommissioning (de-fuelling) has started.

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