Laura Branigan (video)

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Laura Branigan
Video by Laura Branigan
Released April 1984
Genre Dance, pop, rock
Length 60:01
Label RCA, Columbia Pictures
Producer Mickey Shapiro, Marty Callner, Molly Miles
Laura Branigan chronology
Laura Branigan
Laura Branigan In Concert

Laura Branigan is the first video released by American pop singer Laura Branigan. It was released internationally on VHS and Laserdisc through Columbia Pictures Home Video, which also released live concerts for many other famous singers of the time, including Pat Benatar. The show was filmed at Caesars Tahoe, Lake Tahoe and was broadcast on television as Laura Branigan In Concert.

Set listing[edit]

  1. "The Lucky One"
  2. "All Night With Me"
  3. "Satisfaction"
  4. "Ti Amo"
  5. "I Wish We Could Be Alone"
  6. "Solitaire"
  7. "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You"
  8. "Self Control"
  9. "Gloria"
  10. "Don't Show Your Love" (encore)