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District Capital
Lawra is located in Ghana
Location of Lawra in Upper West region
Coordinates: 10°39′N 2°52′W / 10.650°N 2.867°W / 10.650; -2.867
RegionUpper West Region
DistrictLawra District
 • Total

Lawra is a small town and is the capital of Lawra district, a district in the Upper West Region of Ghana.[1]


The town is located in the North western part of Ghana. It distance from Wa the Regional capital by road is 88.55 Kilometers (55.02 miles).[2]


The town was an administrative centre for the historic British empire. The ruins of a large mansion from the empire still, rather incongruously, remain.[1][dead link]


Lawra is in the Lawra constituency headed by Hon. Anthony Nyoh-Abeyifaa Karbo [3][4]of the New Patriotic Party. He succeeded Hon. Samson Abu of the National Democratic congress[5].


Lawra is known for its musical instrument manufacture, and for the Kobine harvest festival[6] with important dancing and musical events.[1]


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Coordinates: 10°39′N 2°52′W / 10.650°N 2.867°W / 10.650; -2.867