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Lazarus were a 1970s American soft rock band. The members of Lazarus were Billie Hughes, Gary Dye, and Carl Kessee. Bill Hughes was the leader of the band, lead singer, songwriter, and played guitar and violin. The band "Lazarus" were early artists in the Contemporary Christian movement.[1]

The band members of Lazarus met in college in Abilene, Texas. At the time, the band name was Shiloh. At a concert of Peter, Paul & Mary, they were able to meet Peter Yarrow backstage and play him their demo tape.

In association with Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary and Phil Ramone, Lazarus moved to Peter Yarrow's cabin in Woodstock, N.Y., signing with the newly formed Bearsville Records (Warner Bros.) label, under the direction of Albert Grossman. The self-titled debut album Lazarus was the second album released on the Bearsville label. [2]

The band's first album, Lazarus, was released in 1971. "Warmth of Your Eyes" was released as a single in 1972. Their second and final album, A Fool's Paradise, followed in 1973, from which "Ladyfriends I (Sing a Song to Your Lady)" was tagged as a single. Both albums were produced by Peter Yarrow and Phil Ramone.

In the next four years, Lazarus performed extensively throughout the United States and Canada. Lazarus was represented by the booking agency East-West Talent, Inc. who also represented The Band, Paul Butterfield, Foghat, Hello People, and Todd Rundgren.[3]

In 1976 the band won the Clio Award for "Life Savers" Best Commercial of the Year. The "Life Savers" TV commercial with the song written and performed by the band Lazarus ran nine years nationwide. [4] The commercial starred Peter Billingsley[5] and Suzanne Somers[6] in different versions of the commercial, respectively.

Hughes went on to pursue a solo career after they disbanded.

Ladyfriends from "A Fool's Paradise" was included in the Bearsville Anthology released in 2006.[7]