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Leila Karam (1928 – 2 December 2008)[1] was a Lebanese actress. Her major contributions were in the 1970s and 1980s in many Lebanese and Egyptian movies, plays and TV series of Tele Liban.


Karam began her career in broadcast media in 1956, at Near East Radio.[2] Soon after television came to Lebanon in 1959, she starred as the mother in the series Abou Melhem.[2]

Her last role was as a brothel madam in the 1998 film, West Beirut.

Personal life[edit]

Was married, and has one son. Her elder sister Nabila Karam is also actress. She died on 2 December 2008 in a hospital in Beirut after a long illness.[1]


Film / Series Name Year Genre Role
Abou Melhem show TV Series Um Melhem Starring with Adeeb Haddad
Al akhrass TV Series
Beirut bil Layl (Beirut by Night) TV Series Hassan el Miliji
Al Nahr (The River) TV Series
Ibrahim Afandi TV Series
Captain Bob TV Series Zarifeh With Ibrahim Meraachli, Hind Abi-Llama
Al Mouaallima Wal Oustaz (The teacher and the professor) TV Series Zarifeh With Ibrahim Meraachli, Hind Abi-Llama
Al Bou'asa' (Les Misérables) TV Series
Abou 'lmarajel TV Series
Al Chareed TV Series WIth Akram Al Ahmar
Fares w Njoud TV Series
Hawl Ghourfati (Around my bedroom) TV Series With Hind Abi-Llama
Allo, Hayete (Allo, My Love) TV Series With Hind Abi-Llama and Abdel Majeed Majzoob
As Sarab TV Series
Ghouroub TV Series
Al Asira (The prisonier) 1980 TV Series
Eddouniya Heik (Life is like that) 1980 TV Series Wardeh Mouhammad Chamel
Al Amir al Ahmar (The Red Prince) 1973 Play
Mayss el Rim 1975 Play Talji (Nehmen's Aunt) Rahbani brothers
Al Mouamara moustamirra 1980 Play Rahbani brothers
Bint al Haress (The Guardian's Daughter) 1967 Film Rahbani brothers, Fairuz
Safar Barlik (The Exile) 1967 Film Zahia Rahbani brothers, Fairuz
Safrat El Ahlam (Dreams Journey) Play Elias Rahbani, Madonna Arnita
Nagham fi hayati (Melody in my life) 1975 Film
Houbbi lazi la yamout (My never dying Love) 1983 Film
Hamsat al shaytan (devils whisper) Film
West Beirut 1998 Film Oum Walid, Brothel Madam Ziad Doueiri


"They don't remember us except when we are dead, that is if they do, so why should we remember them or show our admiration."[1]


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