The Winter Journey (novel)

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The Winter Journey
Author Amélie Nothomb
Original title Le Voyage d'Hiver
Country Belgium
Language French
Genre Novel
Publication date
Pages 120
ISBN 978-2-226-18844-1

The Winter Journey (French: Le Voyage d'Hiver) is the 18th novel by the Belgian writer Amélie Nothomb. It appeared on 20 August 2009 published by Éditions Albin Michel.


In spite of Zoïle's attempts to get a rip of the annoying presence of the autistic writer Aliénor Malèze in Astrolabe's life, her manager and protector, so that he can his love for this agent, his love failure turns into an air terrorist act by hijacking a Roissy aeroplane with a bottle shard, planning smashing the plane against the Eiffel Tower.

The title refers to Franz Schubert's lied Winterreise: in the novel, Zoïle thinks about this song cycle to forget about his fear during the terrorist act.