Lecture 1

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Lecture #1
Mixtape by Professor Green
Released18 March 2006 (2006-03-18)
GenreGrime, British hip hop
LabelThe Beats
ProducerMike Skinner, Apatight, Miligram, Alex "Cores" Hayes, Epidemix, Magic Millrain
Professor Green chronology
Lecture #1
The Green EP
Singles from Lecture #1
  1. "Before I Die"
    Released: 11 March 2006
  2. "Stereotypical Man"
    Released: 7 July 2006
  3. "Hard Night Out / Upper Clapton Dance"
    Released: 18 October 2006

"Lecture #1" is a Mixtape released by English rapper Professor Green via his original record label, The Beats. The Mixtape was released on March 18, 2006, long before his mainstream breakthrough with Alive Till I'm Dead.[1] The Mixtape features guest vocals from the likes of Nyomi Gray, Loudmouth, Skinnyman and Chynaman. Three singles were released from the Mixtape: "Before I Die", "Stereotypical Man" and the double A-side of "Hard Night Out" and "Upper Clapton Dance". "Upper Clapton Dance" later went on to be included as a bonus track on Green's second official studio album, At Your Inconvenience.

Track listing[edit]

1."Hello" 0:28
2."Are They Rappin' Like Pro?" (Can I Have It Like That Remix) (featuring Nyomi Gray) 3:59
3."Stereotypical Man"Mike Skinner3:06
4."Before I Die"Epidemix3:30
5."Dirty Harry Drunken Freestyle" (Live on Semtex's 'Greatest Show Ever') 3:21
6."Without Trying" (featuring Loudmouth)Apatight4:24
7."Save Him" (featuring Nyomi Gray)Miligram2:05
8."Stay High (So Fly Remix)" 1:58
9."So Sick, No Really (So Sick Remix)" 1:00
10."Same Old Me"Alex "Cores" Hayes3:56
11."Drunken Freestyle #2 (Live @ Carling Academy Angel)" (featuring Skinnyman) 1:32
12."Lick Shots (Hip Hop Remix)" 3:41
13."Upper Clapton Dance" (featuring Chynaman of Haunted House and C.O.R.E)Alex "Cores" Hayes3:40
14."Goodbye"Magic "Mike" Millrain0:21