Lednické Rovne

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Lednické Rovne (Hungarian: Lednicróna) is a village and municipality in Púchov District in the Trenčín Region of north-western Slovakia.The municipality consists of three parts:

  • Lednické Rovne
  • Horenická Hôrka
  • Medné
Manor-house in Lednické Rovne


The municipality lies at an altitude of 270 metres and covers an area of 10.75 km². It has a population of about 4,215 people.


98.08% inhabitants were Slovaks and 1/03% Czechs

According to the 2001 census the religious makeup was:

85.78% Roman Catholics
10.07% people with no religious affiliation
2.13% Lutherans


  • St. Michael's Church (1926)
  • Museum (glass)


RONA a.s. - glassworks, glasscrafts & glassware (1892)

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Coordinates: 49°04′N 18°17′E / 49.067°N 18.283°E / 49.067; 18.283