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Lee Towndrow is a visual artist based in New York City. He has photographed Lena Dunham,[1] Martin Amis,[2][3] Dan Brown,[4] Michael Chabon,[5] and Sheila Heti.[6] He was the cinematographer for the title sequence and reenactments in the film Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief [7] His work has appeared in Time Magazine,[8] The Paris Review,[9] Das Magazin.[10] He has worked as a visual effects artist on the feature film Carol (film),[11] commercial campaigns for BMW,[12] HONOR NYC,[13] Morgan Stanley,[14] TD Bank.[15]


Towndrow began his career as a designer and photographer at a design firm he founded. The firm was best known for creating the album cover artwork for prominent Canadian bands such as Sloan,[16] The Flashing Lights,[17] The Inbreds and Michelle McAdorey.[18]

Lee Towndrow became a Flame artist at TOPIX Computer Graphics, where he created visual effects and design for television commercials, music videos, and feature films.[19][20][21]

From 2004-2005 he lived in Buenos Aires, where he worked with Roberto Jacoby,[22] the m7red center, fr:Raumlabor Berlin [23] Kiwi and Cecilia Sainz and Eugenia Herrera [24] on conceptual art installations, such as Proyecto Venus,[25] Darkroom and ArteBA.[26]


Lee Towndrow worked as a cinematographer on three feature films, including Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief,[27] Margaux Williamson's Teenager Hamlet, starring Sheila Heti and Sholem Krishtalka.[28] In 2010 he collaborated with Gonzales, Peaches, Tiga and Adam Traynor on the 2010 film Ivory Tower, which received special mention at the Locarno International Film Festival in Switzerland.[29] He has also photographed music videos for The National,[30] Born Ruffians,[31] Junior Boys [32] and The Great Lakes.

Visual Effects[edit]

Lee Towndrow has worked as an Flame and Smoke[33] artist creating visual effects for the feature film Carol (film),[34] advertising campaigns for BMW,[35] HONOR NYC,[36] Morgan Stanley,[37] TD Bank.[38]

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