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Personal organisers
FateBought by Filofax, used as a brand for several years, then phased out.
FounderJ. C. Parker
ProductsPersonal Organizers

Lefax was a company founded in 1910 by J. C. Parker in Philadelphia that produced a range of personal organisers.[1][2] In its early days, the biggest customers were power plant engineers whose technical handbooks had grown too big to carry.[3]

In 1921, a London printer and stationery marketer, Norman & Hill Ltd., began importing the organizers, called Lefaxes. Several years later, they began to make the personal files under their Filofax brand.[3]

The Lefax trademark was registered 5 October 1926.[1] Its use in the engineering industries was so pervasive that some journals were published in Lefax format.[4]

In the 1980s Lefax was bought out by London Wood Partners, a British firm,[3] and in 1992 the company was acquired by its rival, Filofax. The original intention was that Lefax would be Filofax's top of the line range[5] but the Lefax brand was eventually phased out.


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