Legend of the Naga Pearls

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Legend of the Naga Pearls
Naga Pearls.jpg
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Simplified Chinese鲛珠传
Directed byYang Lei
Screenplay byYang Lei
Tan Cheung
Xu Zhaoqing
Based onNovoland: City of Desperate Love
Produced byGordon Chan
Ren Zhonglun
Peter Lam
Fan Feifei[1]
StarringWang Talu
Zhang Tianai
Sheng Guansen
Edited byFeng Qihuan
Music byIkuro Fujiwara
Media Asia Films
Shanghai Film Group
Distributed byWell Go USA, Aeon pix Studios ( India )
Release date
  • August 11, 2017 (2017-08-11)
Box officeUS$16,392,484

Legend of the Naga Pearls (Chinese: 鲛珠传) is a 2017 Chinese fantasy adventure film directed by Yang Lei, starring Wang Talu, Zhang Tianai and Sheng Guansen. It is the first film to be set in the fictional world of Novoland. The film was released on August 11, 2017 in China.[2][3][4]


Once upon a time, in the city of Uranopolis, lived the Winged Tribe, a race capable of flying. But after losing a battle to humans, they gradually lost their ability to fly. Xue Lie, a royal descendant from the Winged Tribe, begins a search for the magical Naga Pearls in order to destroy the Human Tribe and avenge the death of his people. When Ni the thief, Gali the human prince, and Hei Yu the constable accidentally lay hands on a mysterious box containing the Naga Pearls, they find themselves hunted down by Xue Lie. After they have lost the pearls to Xue Lie eventually, they decide to team up and rush back to Uranopolis to thwart his evil plans.


Critical reception[edit]

The Hollywood Reporter called the film "diverting and attractive, but not novel enough to attract viewers", and South China Morning Post called the film "enjoyable but generic".[5] However, it received praise for its production design and "relentlessly earnest desire to please".[6]


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