Legends Road Course World Finals

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2009 winner Alex Kennedy

INEX Legends Road Course World Finals is an annual automobile race for Legends cars. It usually takes place in November at Infineon Raceway, California. During 2008–09 the race was held at Las Vegas Motor Speedway road course. The World Finals will return to Sonoma for its 14th edition in 2010.[1] In 2014 Virginia International Raceway hosted the event for the first time.

Traditionally drivers are divided into three divisions; Pro, Semi-Pro and Masters. In 2009 INEX introduced a new Young Lions category for young drivers between the ages of 12 and 16.

The race was previously known as Legends World Finals and wasn't always run on a road course. Hardeeville Motor Speedway, a 1/3 mile paved oval in South Carolina, hosted the 2001 edition of the World Finals.


Year Venue Champion
Pro Semi-Pro Masters Young Lions
1997  ?  ?  ?  ? Not held
1998  ?  ?  ?  ?
1999  ?  ?  ?  ?
2000  ?  ?  ?  ?
2001 South Carolina Hardeeville*[2] Florida Marc Mitchell[2]  ?  ?
2002 California Sonoma[3] OklahomaMike Samis[4] Craig Lewis[4] New Mexico Robert Gayton[4]
2003 California Sonoma United Kingdom John "Jon" Higgins[5] United KingdomDerek Pierce[6] New Mexico Robert Gayton[6]
2004 California Sonoma Nevada Scott Sheldon[7] Nevada Dustin Ash[7] Oklahoma Bob Christensen[7]
2005 California Sonoma Oklahoma Corey Christensen[8] North Carolina Robert Hall[8] New Mexico Robert Gayton[8]
2006 California Sonoma Virginia Michael Bryant[9] Spain Carlos Sedano[9] United Kingdom Peter Morton[9]
2007 California Sonoma Finland Rory Penttinen[10] United Kingdom Glenn Burtenshaw[10] Finland Jussi Rasku[10]
2008 Nevada Las Vegas Nevada Jeremiah Wagner Texas Bryce Walker New Mexico Robert Gayton
2009 Nevada Las Vegas New Mexico Alex Kennedy[11] Virginia Jake Morris[11] California Gary Scheuerell[11] New Mexico Justin Irwin[11]
2010 California Sonoma North Carolina Steven Cantrell Nevada Spencer Gallagher Washington (state) Kirk Hall New Mexico Isaac Sherman
2011 California Sonoma California Frankie Marks North Carolina Zack Skolnick Finland Marko Mankonen Arizona Kyle Niquette
2012 Nevada Las Vegas New Mexico Jason Irwin California Johnathan St. Ours Nevada George Sheldon Sr. New York Aidan Landauer
2013 Nevada Las Vegas Kentucky Tyler Green[12] California Jonathan St Ours[13] New Mexico Robert Gayton[14] Nevada Payton Saxton[15]
2014 Virginia Alton South Africa Devin Robertson Pennsylvania Matt Kurzejewski Washington (state) Randy Schaaf North Carolina Carson Ferguson
2015 New Hampshire Loudon

* Oval