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Lelia or Lélia may refer to:

  • Lélia Abramo (1911–2004), Italian-Brazilian actress and political activist
  • Carmen Lelia Cristóbal (born before 1959), Argentine botanist
  • Lelia Doolan (born 1941), Irish television and theatre producer
  • Lelia Foley (born 1942), first African American woman to be elected mayor in the United States
  • Lelia Goldoni (born 1936), American actress who appeared in motion pictures and on television
  • Lélia Gonzalez (1935–94), Brazilian intellectual, politician, professor and anthropologist
  • Lelia Green (born before 1994), Australian media theorist
  • Lelia Masaga (born 1986), New Zealand rugby union player
  • Lelia N. Morris (1862–1929), American hymnwriter
  • Lelia J. Robinson (1850–91), American lawyer, the first woman to be admitted to the bar and to practice in the courts of Massachusetts
  • Lake Lelia, a natural fresh water lake on the south side of Avon Park, Florida
  • Lelia Lake, Texas, an unincorporated community in Donley County
  • PS Lelia, a steamship built during the American Civil War for the Confederate States of America

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