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Leni Stern
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Background information
Birth nameMagdalena Thora
BornMunich, West Germany
GenresJazz, rock, fusion, world music
InstrumentsGuitar, vocals, ngoni

Leni Stern (born April 28, 1952) is an electric guitarist, singer, and ngoni player.[1]

Early life[edit]

Stern was born Magdalena Thora, in Germany on April 28, 1952.[1] She was interested in music from an early age, beginning piano studies at the age of six and taking on the guitar a few years later.[1] She was an actress in Germany, including appearing on television, then enrolled at the Berklee College of Music in 1977.[1] She lived in Boston until 1980, then moved to New York.[1]

Later life and career[edit]

In 1983, she formed a band of her own with Paul Motian on drums and Bill Frisell on guitar.[2] Vocals became a more important part of her music from the 1997 release of Black Guitar.[1] She is married to guitarist Mike Stern.[2]


  • Clairvoyant (Passport Jazz, 1986)
  • The Next Day (Passport Jazz, 1987)
  • Secrets (Enja, 1989)
  • Closer to the Light (Enja, 1990)
  • Ten Songs (Lipstick, 1992)
  • Like One (Lipstick, 1993)
  • Words (Lipstick, 1995)
  • Black Guitar (1997)
  • Kindness of Strangers (Leni Stern, 2000)
  • Finally the Rain Has Come (Leni Stern, 2002)
  • When Evening Falls (Leni Stern, 2004)
  • Love Comes Quietly (Leni Stern, 2006)
  • Africa (Leni Stern, 2007)
  • Alu Mayé (Have You Heard) (Leni Stern, 2007)
  • Sa Belle Belle Ba (Leni Stern, 2010)
  • Sabani (Leni Stern, 2012)
  • Smoke, No Fire (Leni Stern, 2012)
  • Jellel (Leni Stern, 2013)
  • Dakar Suite (Leni Stern, 2016)
  • 3 (Leni Stern, 2018)
  • 4 (Leni Stern, 2020)



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