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Lennox County is a historic county in what is now the Canadian province of Ontario.

As an upper-tier municipality, the county of Lennox was created on paper in 1792, but has never existed as a discrete municipal entity. From 1792 until 1864, it was part of the United Counties of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington. In 1860, permission was given by the Legislature of the Province of Canada for Frontenac County to separate. From 1864, until the present, Lennox has been part of the united counties of Lennox and Addington.

Lennox is in the southern portion of this merged county. Originally, it took in Adolphustown, North and South Fredericksburgh, Napanee and Richmond township. Today the municipality of Greater Napanee has the same boundaries as the historic county of Lennox had since 1792.

The term "Lennox" has been used in the names of various electoral districts for the Legislative Assembly of Ontario and the House of Commons of Canada when the territory of Lennox has been combined with neighbouring areas.

Although the municipalities of Lennox and Addington are one county, Lennox and Addington have often voted separately for representation at the Ontario Legislature, and the House of Commons.

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Coordinates: 44°08′N 76°57′W / 44.14°N 76.95°W / 44.14; -76.95