Leoš Janáček International Competition in Brno

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The Leoš Janáček International Competition in Brno (hereinafter referred to as MSLJ) (Czech: Mezinárodní soutěž Leoše Janáčka v Brně) is a music competition held annually by the Faculty of Music of the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts Brno.[1] The MSLJ was named after the famous composer Leoš Janáček.

Ten disciplines, string quartet, violin, piano, organ, violoncello, double-bass, flute, clarinet, French horn and tuba, rotate in five-year cycles.

There is an age limit of 36 (on the opening day of the competition) for the solo disciplines; for string quartets, the sum of members’ ages must not exceed 140 years.

Next year:

  • flute and clarinet (September 24-29 2019)


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