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Leon's Frozen Custard
Leon's Frozen Custard sign

Leon's Frozen Custard is a classic family-owned drive-in, specializing in frozen custard, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.[1] Opened in 1942,[2][3] its current appearance as a "drive-in restaurant" comes from an early 1950s remodel.[4] It is considered a landmark in the city of Milwaukee.[citation needed]

A restaurant operating under the same name exists in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Originally opened by family members of the first store's owner, it has since been sold; this led to litigation in the early 1990s over what items the Oshkosh store was allowed to sell.[5]

Leon's Frozen Custard claims to be the "Home of the World's Finest Frozen Custard," as noted boldly on its signage.[2] Leon's offers the three "regular" flavors of vanilla and chocolate and butter pecan.[6] Butter pecan was added on a regular basis because it was so popular. On weekends, Leon's adds a fourth flavor.[2]

The store maintains an English-only policy for employees that has been criticized by some as discriminatory and racist. Owner Ron Schneider has stated that the policy is strictly for business purposes. His wife and children are Hispanic.[7]

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