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Leon's Frozen Custard
Leon's Frozen Custard sign

Leon's Frozen Custard is a classic family-owned drive-in, specializing in frozen custard, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.[1] Opened in 1942,[2][3] its current appearance as a "drive-in restaurant" comes from an early 1950s remodel.[4] It is considered a landmark in the city of Milwaukee.[citation needed]

A restaurant operating under the same name exists in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Originally opened by family members of the first store's owner, it has since been sold; this led to litigation in the early 1990s over what items the Oshkosh store was allowed to sell.[5]

Leon's Frozen Custard claims to be the "Home of the World's Finest Frozen Custard," as noted boldly on its signage.[2] Leon's offers the three "regular" flavors of vanilla and chocolate and butter pecan.[6] Butter pecan was added on a regular basis because it was so popular. On weekends, Leon's adds a fourth flavor.[2]

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