Les Georges Leningrad

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Les Georges Leningrad
@ Mighty Robot,Brooklyn - Oct 03
Background information
Origin Montreal, Québec, Canada
Genres Experimental rock
Years active 1999 (1999)–2007 (2007)
Labels Les Records Coco Cognac
Troubleman Unlimited
Website lesgeorgesleningrad.org
Past members Poney P
Mingo L'Indien
Bobo Boutin
Toundra LaLouve

Les Georges Leningrad were a Canadian experimental rock music group formed in 1999 in Montreal.

Les Georges Leningrad were known for their extravagant stage costumes, including masks in particular.[1] It can be difficult to glean information on parts of their history and their plans, mainly due to their habit of giving contradictory, incomprehensible or ludicrous answers to interviewers' questions.[2] They have been elected twice "freakiest local act" by the readers of the weekly newspaper Montreal Mirror.

After announcing in early 2007 on their MySpace page that they had broken up, Les Georges Leningrad now say that they may play more shows sometime in the future.


The band originally consisted of four members, although they were reduced to a trio with the departure of bassist Toundra LaLouve after their first album was released.

  • Poney P (vocals)
  • Mingo L'Indien (keyboards, guitar)
  • Bobo Boutin (drums)

The band switches instrumentation, taking turns at bass, keyboard, guitar, drums and vocals. A drum machine (sometimes) helps this juggling.


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