Leucorchestris arenicola

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White Lady
Leucorchestris arenicola.jpg
White Lady Spider in Namibia
Scientific classification
L. arenicola
Binomial name
Leucorchestris arenicola
Lawrence, 1962
  • Leucorchestris kochi

Leucorchestris arenicola (commonly called the dancing white lady spider) is a huntsman spider found in the deserts of Namibia. It should not be confused with the similarly named wheel spider from the same locale.[1][2] It relies on seismic vibrations for communication.[1] It taps its foremost legs on the sand to send messages to other white lady spiders.[1] Male white lady spiders will travel more than a mile in one night searching for a mate.[1] If they do find a mate, they must be extremely careful, for drumming the wrong message can be deadly.[1] The species was first described by Reginald Frederick Lawrence in 1962, who described all the species in the genus Leucorchestris.[2]


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