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Leung Ting
Leung Ting (right), with one of his foreign students
Born (1947-02-28) 28 February 1947 (age 72)
British Hong Kong
Native name梁挺
ResidenceHong Kong
StyleWing Chun
Teacher(s)Pak Cheung
Leung Sheung
Ip Man
Rank10th level m.o.c. founder (International WingTsun Association)
Occupationmartial artist, publisher, choreographer, screenwriter, director, former actor
Notable studentsKeith R. Kernspecht
Emin Boztepe
Máday Norbert
Chris Collins
Donnie Yen
Christy Chung
Jackie Chan
Notable club(s)International WingTsun Association

Leung Ting (Chinese: 梁挺; pinyin: Liáng Tǐng; born 28 February 1947) is a Hong Kong martial artist, publisher, choreographer, screenwriter, director, and former actor. He is also the founder of International WingTsun Association.


Born in Hong Kong in 1947, he was an original student of Leung Sheung, and later became the last closed door student of Ip Man. Leung Ting is the founder and president of the International WingTsun Association.[1]

Leung chose the spelling of Wing Tsun to differentiate his teachings from those of other Wing Chun schools, and to keep them from passing off their style as his own. (There is no standard romanization of Cantonese; the Chinese characters remain the same.)

Among the achievements in his career outside of teaching and writing about Wing Tsun, Leung has been a fight choreographer in some Hong Kong films, including the 1978 Hong Kong cult classic 'The Five Deadly Venoms'. Leung was the director and screenwriter for It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Kung Fu World! (大踢爆), a humouristic documentary on the history and culture of kung fu.[2][3] Leung appeared on episode 1 of the first season of the BBC show Mind, Body & Kick Ass Moves; a 10 part series on martial arts masters of the east hosted by Chris Crudelli.[4] He has also served as head instructor on the board of directors for the Ving Tsun Athletic association from 1996-1997.

Leung Ting with his class of students in 14 November 2015

Lineage controversy[edit]

Some of Yip Man's students have disputed whether Leung Ting ever directly studied under Ip Man, most notably of which include Yip Man's eldest son, Yip Chun claimed "我老豆最憎最嬲係梁挺呢個人!" (My father dislike this person Leung Ting the most !) and also "唔係葉問徒弟" (Leung Ting is not Yip Man's student).[5][6] In response to Yip Chun's accusations, Leung Ting organised a public press conference in Hong Kong in May 2010 to showcase photographic evidence of his own close direct relationship with Yip Man.[7] Existing photo evidence shows that Leung Ting did appear with Yip Man in numerous high-profile events, including the only 2 interviews Yip Man ever conducted,[8][9] private lessons,[10] Leung Ting's wedding,[11] and public martial art demonstrations. Leung Ting publicly threatened to initiate a defamation claim against Yip Chun if an apology and withdrawal of accusations was not received. Yip Chun has since been quiet on this matter.[12]

In other evidence, in one of the only 2 interviews Yip Man ever conducted, Leung Ting was mentioned by Yip Man as one of his closed door students in New Martial Hero magazine 1972, copy 56, page 31, paragraph 2, line 5 - '教師梁挺係其一位封門弟子'[13] (Leung Ting is one of my closed door students). Photos from the interview show Leung was with Yip man during the time.

The controversy had been in part fueled by past allegations that a photo Leung presented showing him with Yip Man was altered from a photograph that shows Yip Man with the chief editor of the New Martial Hero magazine.[14] Leung has denied the head change and further claimed that it was Yip Man himself who told the reporter from New Martial Heroes that Leung was his closed door student in the article.[15] Other photo evidence shows Leung at Yip Man's funeral with an armband that apparently denotes a rank other than first generation (i.e., an armband that indicates that Leung was considered to be a grand-student of Yip Man's rather than a direct student.).[14]

Other controversies[edit]

On 20 November 2009, Leung was sentenced to two months in prison for allegedly assaulting his former girlfriend, Regina Lip Sik-ying, a claim which was later quashed. Lip testified that Leung banged her head against the floor, kicked her in the stomach, grabbed her throat and boxed her ears after a heated argument involving Leung's ex-wife. Leung testified that Lip fell and hit her head when Leung pulled her down from a window where she threatened to commit suicide after Leung refused to provide $5000 for plane tickets and an abortion. On hearing the verdict Leung shouted 'Objection!', and even shouted bullshit at the judge during the court case.[16] On 29 April 2010, the conviction was quashed by Court of First Instance Judge Darryl Gordon Saw. Judge Saw ruled that the medical reports did not support Lip's testimony but did support Leung's. Leung was cleared of all charges.[17][18]

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