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This is a disambiguation page. Levante may refer to

  • Levant, the lands in the eastern Mediterranean, covering Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Iraq
  • Levante, Spain, the eastern Iberian coastal region of Spain
  • Levante, Majorca, a province in Majorca, Spain
  • Riviera di Levante, an Italian name for the Italian Riviera
  • Sestri Levante, an Italian town
  • Sierra de Levante, a Spanish mountain range
  • Levante (hosiery), an Italian marketer and manufacturer of hosiery
  • Levante UD, a Spanish football club
  • Viento de Levante, an easterly wind that blows in the western Mediterranean Sea
  • Caetano Levante, a wheelchair accessible coach
  • Maserati Levante, a sport utility vehicle
  • Levante, a Swedish Internet marketing company

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