Lhodrakarchu Monastery

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Lhodrakarchu Monastery
Lhodrakarchu Monastery is located in Bhutan
Lhodrakarchu Monastery
Lhodrakarchu Monastery
Location within Bhutan
Coordinates 27°35′03″N 90°45′33″E / 27.58417°N 90.75917°E / 27.58417; 90.75917Coordinates: 27°35′03″N 90°45′33″E / 27.58417°N 90.75917°E / 27.58417; 90.75917
Monastery information
Location Bumthang District, Bhutan
Founded 1990s
Type Tibetan Buddhist
Lineage Namkhe Nyingpo Rinpoche
Number of monks Approx. 250
Architecture Dzong

Lhodrakarchu Monastery is a Buddhist monastery in Bumthang District in central Bhutan. The monastery overlooks Jakar Dzong and the town of Jakar.

The monastery is a recent construction, and began being built in the 1990s in the traditional Dzong architectural style following funding from international and Bhutanese donors.[1] As of 2006 the monastery was still not entirely completed.[1] Nevertheless the monastery is home to about 250 monks, many of them children and young adults.[1] The monastery follows the lineage of the Namkhe Nyingpo Rinpoche, which is said to be descened from a disciple of Guru Rinpoche in the 8th century.[1]


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