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Li Jihong (李继宏, born 1980) is a Chinese poet, literary translator and critic.[1][2] He is known for his literary translations, which includes the Chinese editions of The Kite Runner,[3] Conversations with God, A Thousand Splendid Suns, The Fall of Public Man and many others.


Li started learning English at 12,[4] but studied it "just to get by on my exams", and in 1995 he "spent 8 Chinese yuan to buy a pirated copy of The Bridges of Madison County in a bookstore in Chaozhou City. This novel changed my attitude towards English."[5]

After his graduation from Department of Sociology, Sun Yat-Sen University with a B.A in 2003, Li joined Oriental Morning Post in Shanghai as a reporter. In the next year, he was assigned to interview and translate for the Chinese edition of Travel and Leisure. He published his first rendered work, the Chinese version of The Birth of Venus (novel)(维纳斯的诞生) by Sarah Dunant in 2005 and has become a full-time literary translator since 2007.[6][7]

Li is also a regular contributor to Shanghai Review of Books under the pen name of Chen Yibai (陈一白).[8]

In 2013, Li launched his translations of The Great Gatsby,The Old Man and the Sea,Animal Farm and Le Petit Prince, and announced that he would render a whole series of classics in English and French literature in future. He is the first literary translator who tries to introduce so many classics single-handedly in China. It was reported that the first five works of his translations in this series became bestsellers.[9][10]



Stranger Shores, 陌生的彼岸,2012.


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