Lia (food)

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Lia, ଲିଆ
Khai or Lia.jpg
Khai offered to Jagannatha in Badadanda, Puri.
CourseUkhuda, Korakhai, Khai
Place of originIndia
Region or stateOrissa
Main ingredientsFried rice

Lia (Odia: ଲିଆ) (fried paddy[1][2]) is a prepared food from rice mainly consumed in the region of Odisha, India.[3] The other varieties are Khai (Odia: ଖଇ) (fried paddy) and Ukhuda (Odia: ଉଖୁଡ଼ା)[4] (fried paddy sweetened by jaggery). It is a form of puffed rice (Rice puffs while roasting it with heated sand) which is added with jaggery syrup. "Kora khai", a derived food from "khai" is offered to Lingaraja in Lingaraja temple, Bhubaneswar.[5]


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