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Liam Bradley is an Australian musician and composer who was born in Melbourne in 1943.

Early life[edit]

Liam was born into a musical family . His father, Kevin, and his uncles Reg, Leo, and Charles, were all prominent Melbourne musicians [1] His cousin Desmond Bradley was a world acknowledged violinist who was sent to Paris at the age of 14 to study with George Enescu. Desmond also played with renowned violinists Yehudi Menuhin and his sister Hephzibah Menuhin on their visits to Australia. At the age of 10 the Bradley family moved from Melbourne to Belgrave in the Dandenongs. Justus Jorgensen who established the artist colony at Montsalvat was a family friend as was the sculptor William Ricketts and many other musicians and artists. This rich childhood environment lead to Liam's early success as a violinist and later as a composer.

As a young adult Liam was a member of several early Melbourne bands including The Gingerbread Revue [2]


Liam is best known for his music for the television series A River Somewhere, which was produced by Working Dog Productions and screened on ABC, Australia.[3]

This was a 13-part adventure travel series which was produced from 1997 to 1998. In each episode Rob Sitch and Tom Gleisner search the world for rivers and waterways where they can catch dinner and have it cooked in a local style. Liam Bradley composed the music for each episode. The series, which remains popular today through DVD sales, established a new genre in Australian television broadcasting. The music from the series was also released on a CD.[4]

He continues to write music for documentaries and advertising.

Episode listing for "A River Somewhere"[edit]

The Howqua River, Australia

Cotswold Hills, England & Altnaharra, Scotland

The D’Urville River, New Zealand

The Chamberlain River, Western Australia

Los Roques, Venezuela

Courmayeur, Valle D’Aosta, Italy

India & Bhutan

The Cobungra River, Victoria

Wyoming, United States of America

The Yarraki River, Queensland

The Yarraki River Continued

Tongariro River, New Zealand

Turneffe Islands, Belize [5]


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