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This article is about the UK publication, Libertine Magazine. For the Libertine magazine formerly published in Australia, see Flinders University.

Libertine is the trade name of Lovelace & Carter, Ltd. It is a women’s magazine published on a quarterly basis, featuring topics such science, technology, design, culture, and women in media. The strap line for the publication is “For Widely Interested Women,” highlighting the brand focus on providing a diversity of content in a market that some perceive as narrowly focused on diets and appearance.[1]


Lovelace & Carter Ltd was launched in early 2013, by Debbi Evans. The first issue of Libertine was published in April of the same year. Evans has a background in technology journalism and aimed to create in Libertine “the kind of magazine I'd always wanted to read.” By cultivating contents from a wide range of authors and journalists, Libertine has begun to gain recognition in the UK as a publication attempting to change women’s media by providing a range of content that has greater appeal.


Each quarterly publication has a theme, around which the majority of features and even advertisements are focused. Additionally, each issue includes a multi-page feature called “Curiosities,” which is a “collection of factiods, treasures, and oddities” related to the theme of the issue.

Issue 1: Spring 2013[edit]

The first issue focused on “Space,” and featured actress Gillian Anderson on the cover. Contents included articles on the future of robotics and cloud computing in work and business, the philosophy of space travel, and the spread of SMS and mobile technology throughout Africa by social enterprises.

Issue 2: Summer 2013[edit]

Focused on the theme of “History," issue 2 features included a 50-year time capsule co-created by readers and staff, the concept of Presentism, and an interview with artist Christian Tagliavini, whose work was featured on the cover.

Issue 3: Autumn 2013[edit]

Issue 3 cultivated features on “Cities and Power,” and was released through a special event hosted by the Libertine staff in London, England on 6 November 2013. It is currently available for purchase through select newsstands in the London area, as well as on the Libertine webpage.

Press and Reception[edit]

Libertine has been featured in many other publications as it begins to change the face of women’s media. Press can be found in The New Statesman,[2] The Guardian,[3] Harper’s Bazaar,[4] and the Press Gazette.[5] Additionally, Libertine was featured in the Colourliving gift guide for 2013.[6]

The Autumn 2013 issue focusing on Cities & Power also received recognition in several online publications.[7][8]