Liberty Liberty!

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Liberty Liberty!
Liberty Liberty!.jpg
Japanese cover
(Ribatei Ribatei!)
Genre Yaoi, Romance
Written by Hinako Takanaga
Published by Gentosha
English publisher
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Comic Birz
Published May 24, 2005
Volumes 1
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Liberty Liberty! (Japanese: リバティ☆リバティ!, Hepburn: Ribatei Ribatei!) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Hinako Takanaga. It was first serialized by Gentosha in Comic Birz.[1] Later, it was licensed in North America by Blu Manga, an imprint of Tokyopop,[2] in Germany by Tokyopop Germany,[3] and in Poland by Studio JG.[4]



Leroy Douresseaux enjoyed the character development over the volume, and the delayed gratification of the couple getting together.[5] Matthew Warner enjoyed the "balance between romance and comedy" in the volume, and felt that the tameness of the manga made it a suitable entry point to the boys love genre.[6] Jennifer Dunbar enjoyed the "steady, energetic art" and the character development of the side cast.[7]


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