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Liberty N' Justice (LNJ) is a Christian hard rock band started in 1991 by Justin Murr and Patrick Marchand with band mates: Robert Earl Sliger; Angie Beckett; Kim; and James Beckett. In 2002, Murr continued with the Liberty N' Justice name, contacting several well-known artists to join him in creating the new album Welcome to the Revolution. They have continued through the past two decades, collaborating with such special guest vocalists such as: Lou Gramm of Foreigner, Chris Jericho of Fozzy, Phil Collen of Def Leppard, Sebastian Bach, Leif Garrett, Michael Sweet of Stryper, C J Snare of Firehouse, Rubicon Cross, Jack Russell of Great White, Kip Winger of Winger, and various others.[citation needed]

This roster inspired to praise LNJ for "moments of greatness...(with) great melodies and lead vocal performances to bridge the gap between modern and traditional hard rock."[citation needed]

Christian Metal Central raved "with an impressive lineup of musicians and vocalists the like never seen on a Christian rock compilation CD...(Liberty N' Justice) has earned a place in...history."

In 2011, LNJ released "Sin," the final song recorded by Jani Lane before he died.


  • Armed With The Cross (1992)
  • Big Guns (1994)
  • Forever Till The End (1996)
  • Bargain Bin (2000)
  • Welcome to the Revolution (2004)
  • Soundtrack of a Soul (2006)
  • Independence Day (2007)
  • 4-All: The Best Of LNJ (2008)
  • Light It Up (2010)
  • Chasing A Cure LP (2011)
  • Hell Is Coming To Breakfast (2012)
  • Before The Revolution:best of lnj the early years (2012)
  • The Cigar Chronicles (2013)
  • 4-All: The Best Of LNJ 2 (2013)
  • The Vow" (2014)

"Life Songs EP" (2016)

"Better Than Maroon 5 EP" (2017)

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