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Developer(s)Lightbot Inc.[1]
Publisher(s)Brad from
Designer(s)Danny Yaroslavski[1]
Platform(s)Web, Android, iOS

Lightbot is an educational video game for learning software programming concepts, developed by Danny Yaroslavski. Lightbot has been played 7 million times, and is highly rated on iTunes and Google Play store.[2][3][4] Lightbot is available as an online Flash game, and an application for Android and iOS mobile phones.[5] Lightbot has been built with Flash and OpenFL.[1]

A screenshot of Lightbot with robot (center) and command panel (right)

The goal of Lightbot is to command a little robot to navigate a maze and turn on lights.[6] Players arrange symbols on the screen to command the robot to walk, turn, jump, switch on a light and so on. The maze and the list of symbols become more complicated as the lessons progress.[6] While using such commands, players learn programming concepts like loops, procedures and more, without entering code in any programming language.[6]


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