Lighthouse Christian Academy (Bloomington, Indiana)

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Lighthouse Christian Academy
1201 West That Road

, ,

Coordinates39°06′50″N 86°32′44″W / 39.113915°N 86.545417°W / 39.113915; -86.545417Coordinates: 39°06′50″N 86°32′44″W / 39.113915°N 86.545417°W / 39.113915; -86.545417
Other nameLCA
TypePrivate Christian
PrincipalJoyce Huck
Enrollment300 (2017-2018)
Team nameLions

Lighthouse Christian Academy is a private Christian school located in Bloomington, Indiana.



Lighthouse Christian Academy has recently come under fire regarding their admissions policy.[1][2]

Rep. Katherine Clark, D-Massachusetts, cited Lighthouse Christian Academy's enrollment brochure, which states that the private school can refuse admission or discontinue enrollment of a student living in a home environment that includes 'homosexual or bisexual activity' or 'practicing alternate gender identity'.[3]

Parents are free to choose which school best comports with their religious convictions ... For a real choice and thus real liberty to exist, the government may not impose its own orthodoxy and homogenize all schools to conform to politically correct attitudes and ideologies.

— a statement issued by spokesman Brian Bailey on behalf of the academy.[4]


The principal at Bloomington's Lighthouse Christian Academy was charged with a misdemeanor after an investigation alleging she failed to report an incident of sexual battery against a student by a fellow student during an overnight event at the school in February.[5] The charges were later dismissed.[6]

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