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Liliidae is a botanical name at the rank of subclass. Circumscription of the subclass will vary with the taxonomic system being used (there are many such systems); the only requirement being that it includes the family Liliaceae.

Liliidae in Takhtajan system[edit]

The Takhtajan system treats this as one of six subclasses within class Liliopsida (= monocotyledons). This subclass consists of:

Liliidae in Cronquist system[edit]

The Cronquist system treats this as one of five subclasses within class Liliopsida (= monocotyledons), and it consists of:

Liliidae in Dahlgren and Thorne systems[edit]

In the Dahlgren system and the Thorne system (1992) this is an important name: this subclass comprises the monocotyledons (in APG II these are the monocots).

Dahlgren (1985)[edit]

Thorne (1992)[edit]

(in the version of the system as depicted by Reveal)

Liliidae in APG II system[edit]

The APG and APG II systems do not use formal botanical names above the rank of order, and names such as Liliopsida and Liliidae have no place in these systems.